Our Micro Mosaic Jewelry (Completely Handmade)

Micro mosaics are a special form of mosaic that uses unusually tiny pieces of stone or glass to make small figurative images surrounded by silver 925.

Touch Ancient Culture In A Modern Way

These designs are inspired by ancient mosaic art in the Mediterranean region.

Contemporary Micro Mosaic Designs

These designs are modern and are made entirely by artists expressing themselves and their imagination, creating their own space.

Waterproof And Allergy-Friendly

The materials we use are allergy-friendly and retain their color when they come into contact with water. They include natural stones, especially precious stones, Italian glass, seashells, and silver 925.

One Piece Of Micro Mosaic Art

Every piece is totally handmade, making each piece we create unique and one of a kind.


What We Make







What we do

Make Your Own Design

Because we make each piece individually and by hand, you can design your own jewelry.

Choose the micro mosaic design, the colors of the stones, the size of the piece, the design of the outer silver frame. We will certainly help you to collect your ideas and create your unique design!

Ishtar exhibitions | Our first exhibitions (2018)

The exhibition name was inspired by the oldest mosaic in the world, the Ishtar Gate. Ishtar Gate of the ancient city of Babylon.6th Century BCPergamon Museum, Berlin, Germany.The exhibition contained a collection of handmade jewelry from micro-mosaics and silver. This...