Frequently Asked Questions

Handmade Jewelry

1- Do you use any colors?

No, we only use stone, glass, and seashells.

2- Can some stones fall from the piece?

Certainly not. We follow special techniques to ensure the cohesion of the stones continue to be of high quality.

3- What is the expected lifespan of the micro mosaic?

Our products have a very long life. We use techniques similar to those used to create ancient mosaics, some of which have been around for two thousand years.

4- Does the color of the stones change with time?

No, we use natural stones that maintain their bright colors.

5- Does silver change color with time?

Yes. The original silver loses its luster with use, but you can easily re-polish it.

7- Is it possible to shower and swim with micro mosaic jewelry?

Yes, because it is made of water-resistant materials.

8- What makes the micro mosaic strong?

  • We stack the stones next to each other without leaving any space.
  • We also use special glue with properties similar to stone.
  • Lastly, surrounding it with a silver frame to protect the sides keeps the mosaic strong.


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