How It's Made

Micro Mosaic Jewellery

1. Designing and choose the materials

Our designs are inspired by two sources:

  • Ancient mosaics in the Mediterranean region.

  • The contemporary imagination of our artists.


Depending on the design, we choose materials such as stone, glass, and seashell.


  • All materials are waterproof and have a long life.

2. Making micro mosaic piece

  • The start of the process involves cutting up and shaping the stones or glass. We then arrange the stones side by side to create a micro mosaic panel. This step takes a long time, between 9-30 hours.
  • Then, the stones are joined together using special glue that is waterproof and has stone-like properties. 

3. Making silver frame

The silver is also completely handmade. Pure silver is first melted and then shaped with tools depending on the outer shape of the micro mosaic piece. Therefore, the external shape and size of each piece is different.

Finally, the silver is cleaned and polished.

4. Making the box

With the help of a craftsman, a special box is made of olive wood, and then our team inlays it with mosaics.